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You would have a better experience using the website as opposed to the IOS app. I cannot comment on the Android app.
Currently big-tech has succeeded in temporarily snuffing out Parler. Neither the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store offer the parler app. AWS, Amazon Web Services, has canceled the contract with Parler so there is no expected return to service until Tuesday afternoon, 01-12-2021.
With a political agenda being carried out we as screen readers will suffer. Until tomorrow don't bother but is a manageable system to use.
You will need sighted assistance with the sign up process as there is a captcha. A few months ago support could have assisted but I suspect they are very busy now days.

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Hello Maria,

Is it accessible with jaws, do you know?

On 1/11/21, clarence carter via <> wrote:
When speech invites people to carry out illegal actions is it still
free speech?

These platforms are privately held or owned by corporations. For
example, a newspaper is not a free speech platform. it is a platform
owned by someone, who is responsible for what is said on it.

The expression of opinions is a delicate issue. We seem to have become
a society who mixes opinion with political agendas.

We all know what people say about opinions.

I am sorry to see people getting wrapped up in this issue.

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