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JM Casey

I don't disagree with a lot of what you said...but I think I know the sorts
of people you have in mind, and I think you underestimate the desire to make
converts and, shall we say, recruits to the cause.
And I wouldn't necessarilya ssume any platform is exclusively a den for such
people. I took a look at the site today and yeah, they are a bit strident
about the "free speech' angle, to the point where I get a "thou dost protest
too much" feeling fromrom it -- but I can't blame people from all sides for
being attracted to such a thing. Don't forget that the actual revolutionary
left has experienced its fair share of censorship as well.
Anyway, those interested should certainly raise their accessibility concerns
with the system operators and see if there are results.
Parler cares about PR, too, after all, and they've obviously gotten a great
boost from all this -- never heard of the platform before a few days ago,
myself. So it's in their interest now more than ever to get on board the
accessibility train.
And hey, there are blind Qs out there too, you know? ;)

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I think the original point to this question was in part with accessibility
Sticking to that particular aspect of the thread and people who are
seriously telling on themselves by doing googllily eyes at that platform and
the strain of thought pervasive on it, hopes of any sort of attention given
to any consideration for accessibility is a set up for disappointment. The
crowds who cruise those message forums are probably not keen on
accommodating the disabled contingent You may want to be part of that club,
but that club most likely wants nothing to do with you... but hey, kudos for
trying I guess.

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Subject: Parlor?

I didn't phrase my last post correctly, however my thought stands.
What has Parlor to do with JFW?
Pat Byrne

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