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As I've known people I know get lost down those rabbit holes of conspiracy theories and imagined grievances, I actually have poked around 8chan and before that, 4chan and all these Gab and now Parler Twitter alternatives to try to understand the why and how. These corners of the Internet attract a certain type of unhealthy and delusional discourse. I wouldn't dare join Parler because I’m rooted in reality and not a QAnon or stop the steel crazy, but even that aside, that platform has some wild privacy terms. Might as well kiss your identity and or privacy goodbye.
There's some really vile stuff on those places. To think that they're going to care about making their sites and apps more accessible for a disabled user is laughable and naïve in the extreme. Like come on man. Mass shootings have been inspired and coordinated on these sites. Gab is basically neo Nazi Twitter. Parler's filling up with Q refugees. Like they're going to care about making captcias and buttons accessible. Again, folks attracted to those shadowy corners of the net are doing everyone else a favor by telling on themselves.


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Have you even been on the site? Have any of you condoning it been on it?

I have a friend on this site and she said there isn't any more of that stuff than on Facebook or any other site. I never even heard of it until this

thread. This is just more of be leave whatever the media or big corporations tell you too. And ow can you know how they will respond to our group? From what I know so farthis is a place to get awy from being subject to selective censorship.

On 1/10/2021 5:42 PM, Cristóbal wrote:
I think the original point to this question was in part with
accessibility challenges.
Sticking to that particular aspect of the thread and people who are
seriously telling on themselves by doing googllily eyes at that
platform and the strain of thought pervasive on it, hopes of any sort
of attention given to any consideration for accessibility is a set up
for disappointment. The crowds who cruise those message forums are
probably not keen on accommodating the disabled contingent You may
want to be part of that club, but that club most likely wants nothing
to do with you... but hey, kudos for trying I guess.

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I didn't phrase my last post correctly, however my thought stands.
What has Parlor to do with JFW?
Pat Byrne

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