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Jim Hunt

Hi all, Parler is another social media platform. Perhaps the
discussion about Parler can turn toward the usability/accessibility
(or any lack thereof) of Parler with JAWS. I haven't and probably
won't use Parler though so I don't have any opinions of its use with
JAWS. Just putting in my two or more cents.

On 1/10/21, Cristóbal <> wrote:
I think the original point to this question was in part with accessibility
Sticking to that particular aspect of the thread and people who are
seriously telling on themselves by doing googllily eyes at that platform
the strain of thought pervasive on it, hopes of any sort of attention given
to any consideration for accessibility is a set up for disappointment. The
crowds who cruise those message forums are probably not keen on
accommodating the disabled contingent
You may want to be part of that club, but that club most likely wants
nothing to do with you... but hey, kudos for trying I guess.

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I didn't phrase my last post correctly, however my thought stands.
What has Parlor to do with JFW?
Pat Byrne

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