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I've also contacted support about that whole thing, they never responded.

On 1/10/2021 12:10 AM, Bill Tessore wrote:
Andy, have you tried entering into your search engine to try logging on from the main page? if you want to use it, then I suggest doing that first before giving up.


Bill Tessore
On Jan 9, 2021, at 11:32 PM, Andy <wq6r@...> wrote:

Well, it's academic now, as Apple withdrew it from the app store.


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I used aira to solve the captcha and also complained to support -- see
what happens.

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Andy wrote:

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I was ready to download Parlar until i saw a review on the app store that said that it is inaccessible for blind users because in order to join you need to solve an inaccessible CAPTCHA

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All I know is it’s a social media site inspired by the increasingly blatant sensorial actions of Big Tech against users with opinions that contrast with the alt-left views of those companies’ positions, particularly with regard to political matters. Others are and Also there’s a search engine that does NOT artificially search results based on how closely sites/companies adhere to, or how sharply others diverge from similarly far left ideals, like Google. com does. Shalom.

Bill Tessore

On Jan 9, 2021, at 2:14 PM, marilyn <tinkerbelltx@...> wrote:

Hello all,

I’ve never even heard of this app before I was asked to join it. What do you know about it? Any users? Opinions?



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