moderated Re: JAWS 2021 and Pac Mate Omni BX 400 vis USB

Milton Ota



I would check to see what is going on with your USB port in the device manager in Windows 10. Let me know if you need help finding the device manager.



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Sent: Saturday, January 9, 2021 12:18 AM
Subject: JAWS 2021 and Pac Mate Omni BX 400 vis USB


Someone gave me this braille display and I’ve managed to get it up and running as far as the Windows mobile usage is concerned.  But I really want to be able to do braille display of my desktop PC running Windows 10.  I have it connected via USB but the computer doesn’t seem to acknowledge it from what I can tell.  The device is running off the power from the port and I know the cable works as I use it for my old Book Port Plus.

I’ve tried to tell JAWS that a Pac Mate is there in the braille settings by adding a display but it just never selects it (keeps switching back to no display).    As I’m on Windows 10, ActiveSync install is impossible (stopped support at XP).  And google has failed me so far for any details other that the ActiveSync companion CD had some USB driver bundled with it for the device.  No sign of that driver either.


It just seems to be such a waste for a usable braille display that  is still serviceable as a hosted display if the PDA part is not so useful now.


Any pointers would be appreciated.



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