moderated Re: Do Any Of You Out There Use Spotify?

Michael Munn

Hi Rick, have you  tried  using the web version of the program? I never had a good luck with  using the mobile version using Windows. 
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 michael Munn 

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On Sat, Jan 9, 2021 at 3:35 PM Rick Miller <rm1263@...> wrote:

Dear Listers:


I have recently downloaded Spotify.  I have learned how to create a playlist in Spotify, but I do not know how to add something to the playlist using JAWS.  Every place I go to to try to figure out how to do it keeps just saying to either drag or drop what you want to add or else click the button next to the selection or song.  I need the help of someone who knows how to use Spotify and who knows how to use JAWS in connection with it.  I am using Windows 10 and am using the latest version of JAWS.  Please help.




Rick Miller


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