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Curt Taubert

Thanks for the responses.

On 1/9/2021 12:36 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
Is the window maximized?
Windows does like to have busy screens and show more than just one thing but maximizing may help, or not.

Richard, in the U.S.

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I was trying to use it on a game.  However, the ocr seems to be reading other windows a little too.

On 1/9/2021 11:52 AM, Loy wrote:
What are you trying to OCR? If inside of a pdf document it would be
insert space,d. If scanning a document it would be insert space A. If
OCR a file use context key and arrow down to convenient OCR with JAWS.
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Am I doing this command wrong? I hist inster space then I type the
letter o and, it says OCR. Then I hit the letter C and, it says OCR
started, but then it says finnished. Am I doing something wrong?

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