moderated Re: Is Windows Mail now working with JFW

David Griffith

Checking on my laptop version of Windows Mail it appears to me personally that the instability of Jaws with Windows Mail has now been resolved there as well as on my Desktop.

This is welcome but mysterious as I cannot pin down why it is now stable whereas for the last  few weeks it has been virtually unusable.


David G.


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From: David Griffith via
Sent: 08 January 2021 23:18
Subject: Is Windows Mail now working with JFW



Bizarrely just a couple of days after sending a Support message to FS Windows Mail seems, touch wood, to have stabilised with Jaws.

I am typing this email in Mail with Jaws, something I have not been able to do for weeks.

I don’t know if it is anything to do with the new January update, though the first few times I checked this out Mail continues to crash with Jaws running anyway. Apparently no longer. .

Alternatively there might have been some unseen update on Windows I suppose.

The only thing I have been doing differently is that I had routinely also had thunderbird open in another window   because of the propensity of Mail to crash with Jaws. However I have just closed thunderbird and Mail is continuing to work with Jaws so it looks like it is not related..

Before I report this apparent improvement I wonder if the other people experiencing problems with Mail have also seen the problem resolved?

David G.

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