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Tom Behler



Is the voice assistant only available for the Windows 10 operating system?


I’m asking because while I found the voice assistant options very easily in the Jaws utilities menu on my Windows 10 computer, I can’t find those options on my older Windows 7 PC after installing the January Jaws 2021 update.


Tom Behler



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Subject: Re: Since most recent Jaws update


It sounds like you are invoking the voice assistant.

That’s what Jaws says when it cannot hear your command.

If you are not intentionally trying to use the new Voice Assistant, open the jaws menu with insert+j and open the utilities menu.

The first item is the Voice Assistant.




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Subject: Since most recent Jaws update




The other day I updated Jaws to the most recent version of Jaws 2021. For some reason out of the clear blue I hear a ding, Jaws says “I didn’t hear anything” and then dings again. I was in a MS word document. Has anyone else had this happen or am I hallucinating?




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