moderated Problem with Zoom

Michael Munn

Hi all, hope today is a good day. I'm sending this email just want to ask if any of you  who use Zoom recently experienced this problem.  I'm a heavy user of Zoom and I also schedule more than one  meeting at once. During the recent update of Zoom, I'm not  able  to press my up arrow to go back to the meeting I  previously scheduled . I'm only allowed to press the  down arrow key   to go to the next   meeting. I'm using  Zoom Version 5,4,59296,1207 
If you experienced this problem, please let me know so this  way  I'm not the only one. 
Thanks a lot. 
Best regards 
Michael Munn 


JAWS Certified, 2019

Member: Georgia Association of Blind Students National Federation of the Blind of Georgia

Member: National association of Blind Students National Federation of the Blind

  Student of: Hadley Institute of the Blind

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