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David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

Mario, I am sorry to tell you that I am able to verify your friend's findings, at least with the January build of JAWS 2021. I've been a user of Jarte for many years and I'm quite certain that this is a new regression. I don't have JAWS 2020 on this laptop or else I'd compare the results with that version. I'm wondering if someone running JAWS 2020 or earlier can confirm this behavior.
A few things to note. In order to get JAWS to speak the location of the caret or cursor from within Jarte enhanced editor mode should be disabled within Settings Center but please do this once Jarte has been opened to ensure that toggling this setting to off will not negatively impact another program.
For reference when you press the shift key with arrow key navigation the expected behavior is that you would hear the text which you are highlighting, along with the word "selected." With Jarte text is being selected but JAWS is silent while selection commands are being issued.
If others can confirm this behavior please do send a bug report to with as much specific information as you can provide: version of JAWS, steps to reproduce, expected results and actual results. 6.2 is the latest version of Jarte.
Please direct any responses about this to the list and not to me privately as I am not able to provide individual support for Jarte or with this issue, in general.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

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Subject: JAWS does not read selected text in Jarte

an acquaintance is having a problem that I'm hoping someone can help.
he is using Jarte, and when he selects some text to delete, it is not read back as selected like it does using Wordpad. he would prefer using Jarte because he can start a new document by simply pressing control+n and then use control+tab to switch to a different document.

I helped him disable Enhanced edit in the configuration for JAWS 2020 so it is possible to review the text.
is there another setting that can be modified to fix this problem?

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