moderated Re: Casper backup speech accessibility

tom x

Hi Netbat,

No I have not tried either v8 or v10 with NVDA but will try it out.

Maybe my files for Casper have been damaged somehow so intend uninstalling the existing files and installthe it again.



On 6/01/2021 12:18 am, netbat66 wrote:
have you tried it with n v d a? i still use version 8 with windows 10 with both n v d a and window eyes.

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Sent: Monday, January 04, 2021 10:03 PM
Subject: Casper backup speech accessibility


Using Jaws 2021 64 bit.

After using version 8.0 of Casper for about 6 years, it now seems to
experience problems with the latest version of Win 1064 bit.

So does anyone know if the current version of Future System's Solutions
backup and recovery program,Casper version 10, is accessible with Jaws 2021?




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