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Rahul Bajaj

Can you change the speed on the Apple podcast app?


On 06/01/2021, Tim Dixon <> wrote:
I personally use Apple podcasts on my iPhone. I believe I can listen through
the PC app. But I haven’t tried it.
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I use my iPhone for podcasts, and the Overcast asp has a great speed
adjustment. I do not know if there is one for the computer.


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On Jan 5, 2021, at 1:28 PM, Sandra Streeter <>

Afternoon, all:

A few months ago, my church was using the Immerse study, which I found as an
audio—I forget the source, but what I do remember is that there wasn’t a way
to speed it up. Is there a podcast player that works with JAWS or NVDA and
can speed up something like this? I could have gotten through the readings
15 minutes earlier, had I been able to change the speed, and it drove me
nuts! Thanks!


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