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There are a number of PC apps that can natively speed up and slow down playback.

3 free Examples.

The SpeakOn Podcast  app will allow accelerated playback as long as you download the podcast from within the app rather than  streaming it.

Control F8 is the command to speed up. Control  F7 slow down.

VLC also has excellent playback control if you have downloaded the podcast as a media file.

Right bracket speeds up and left bracket slow down and equals returns to normal speed.

Finally Mp3DirectCut  is surprisingly one of my favourite players of media files for the excellent navigation. F8 increases the speed of playback and F7 reduces playback speed.


David G.

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From: Sandra Streeter
Sent: 05 January 2021 21:28
Subject: another podcast question


Afternoon, all:

A few months ago, my church was using the Immerse study, which I found as an audio—I forget the source, but what I do remember is that there wasn’t a way to speed it up. Is there a podcast player that works with JAWS or NVDA and can speed up something like this? I could have gotten through the readings 15 minutes earlier, had I been able to change the speed, and it drove me nuts! Thanks!





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