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JM Casey

Hey jessica.

Thanks for asking! It’s called Chrononauts, and is a podcast on science fiction literature. It’s something I do with my buddy nate and we go really in-depth and obscure. Each episode has a theme and the current two-part series is on hollow earth theory/stories. SO yes, definitely not for everyone to say the least. If you’re interested in such things though, you can find it at

And doing a search in your various podcasting apps of choice should also find it. I know anchor pushes to Stitcher, Apple Play (I think), Spotify and a bunch of other platforms.

I would listen to the newer episodes first as the old ones are pretty rough, but so far we’ve only done eight episodes, witht eh next one coming in a week or so.




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What's the name of your podcast, and where can we find it? 





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Well, I am a podcaster now I suppose, in the sense that I record/make one. But I also listen to a bunch. I don’t subscribe, to be honest, I just go to their websites and download the episodes. They usually have numbered episodes so it’s easy to figure out what order they go in, if that matters, and just play them that way. I don’t have any answers about spotify though, as I don’t use it.



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Subject: Do Any Of You Out There Subscribe to Any Podcasts?


Dear Listers:


I am just beginning to become acquainted with podcasts.  There is one podcast where I am trying to sort episodes from oldest to newest and then play them in that order, but I am having no luck at all and am wondering if any of you do podcasting and might be able to give me some advice.  Can sorting from oldest to newest episodes be done at all, and if so, how do you do it with JAWS?  I subscribe to podcasts using Spotify.




Rick Miller


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