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whe e e e e e e e e e e e e e!

from the thrush of a plain ride, and straight into the rolling and swells of a sailboat? or was it a power boat, love either type anyway so it's all fun to me

tee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee,

and you once wondered why they called me inthane!

by see me,
*walking inthanely off into the sunset*, "oh, it's the other way?", "Oh well, i think I'll go thisswitchwichaway"!

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Thanks for that,now we all know where we are, I think we got a bit air sick
but all finished up in the same boat Dorothy

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well it seems that James is hosting the list off of his own site in Canada,
and yes one can do such things, normally a ISP provider will give you a
automated group server handling program such as mailman and you can run a
list, usually those who do this are companies and the list has to do with
there product/products, but in this case he used it for the jfw list.

I think he is somewhere around Ottawa Canada.

take care,
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Subject: location of list

So sorry I was dead beat at gone midnight last night, I should have
it a day, but drilling at a house just uphill of me had caused bedlam
during normal hours, I only wanted to know, after our moves of late
we are, it is true a friend in Hampshire did say he thought it was once
Australia., I do not know, I believe someone called Jonathon Mosem is in
either Australia or New Zealand but he would not have a list would he? I
cannot recall just what he does?
Sorry again for the messy email regards Dorothy

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