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Barbara Sheinbein

Well I tried the ideas from the list.  If I just opened the print dialogue and pressed enter without any tabbing, the document did print.  If I tried alt-p, nothing happened.  If I routed the JAWS cursor to the print button and pressed the mouse key, it did print.  It is still a bit strange to me, but your ideas have provided some work arounds.  Smile.






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Did you try using the JAWS cursor? I don’t know why the print button wasn’t accessible tabbing around, but since it’s a standard print dialogue, this cursor should still help you move the mouse pointer to the correct position and click on it.


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Hello Everyone,


This has now happened twice to me, so I am wondering if there is a solution.  Today I wanted to print a recent Amazon purchase invoice.  I logged in, got to the invoice, and found the print button.  I then pressed enter on print and the usual print dialogue came up.  My Canon 210 series printer was listed as the default printer.  When I used the tab key to try to find the print button, I could not find it.  I did find the cancel button.  It does not help to just press enter without tabbing to the print button.  I contacted AIRA and the agent was able to activate the print button for me.  I had a nearly identical situation occur last month with making a copy of a cancelled check at my online banking page.  The fact that this has occurred twice at two different web sites makes me wonder if I have some setting wrong or why JAWS is not letting me get to the button.  Any ideas on what is going on and how to resolve this?


I am using Windows 10, Google Chrome, and JAWS 2021.


Thanks in advance for any help.






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