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David Griffith

You will probably have tried this but have you tried just using jaws virtual find to find the print text and then pressing space on the text?

A lot of times nowadays I find sites where pressing enter does not do the job and you have to press space – especially on what I suspect are clickable elements. Often these elements are not reported as either links or buttons but pressing space on them works anyway, especially with download elements.

Also there have been a number of issues for me in activating elements with jaws using Chrome, most especially with financial transactions pages. I am no longer able to make payments either through PayPal or my Bank using Chrome and Jaws. Elements either do not show up or become unresponsive when activated.

The good news for me personally is that when I load these problematic pages into FireFox these problems completely disappear.

Chrome is still my default but whenever I now come across a page which misbehaves I now just close Chrome and reload the offending page in FireFox.

Also sad to report but on occasion you will find better compliance with Narrator than Jaws on some pages. I was having to use Narrator with my bank site before I discovered using Firefox  as the workaround for Jaws.

To be honest nowadays I can no longer rely just on Jaws – I also use not just Narrator and NVDA as well as different browser solutions.

David G.

David G.



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Subject: Printing Documents from a web page


Hello Everyone,


This has now happened twice to me, so I am wondering if there is a solution.  Today I wanted to print a recent Amazon purchase invoice.  I logged in, got to the invoice, and found the print button.  I then pressed enter on print and the usual print dialogue came up.  My Canon 210 series printer was listed as the default printer.  When I used the tab key to try to find the print button, I could not find it.  I did find the cancel button.  It does not help to just press enter without tabbing to the print button.  I contacted AIRA and the agent was able to activate the print button for me.  I had a nearly identical situation occur last month with making a copy of a cancelled check at my online banking page.  The fact that this has occurred twice at two different web sites makes me wonder if I have some setting wrong or why JAWS is not letting me get to the button.  Any ideas on what is going on and how to resolve this?


I am using Windows 10, Google Chrome, and JAWS 2021.


Thanks in advance for any help.






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