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Richard Turner

Since many people on this list use Sonos on their iOS devices and on a Windows computer, I am sharing a discovery.  I found the Sonos windows application and its keyboard shortcuts.

It is quite slick to be able to choose your rooms and music, etc., on the computer. 

The link to the sonos support page for the apps for all supported systems is at the end.


Here are the keyboard shortcuts.

Sonos Keyboard Shortcuts

Play/Pause Ctrl + P

Toggle Shuffle Ctrl + E

Toggle Repeat Ctrl + R

Toggle Crossfade Ctrl + T

Mute/Unmute Current Room/Group Ctrl + M

Mute All Ctrl + Shift + M

Return to Top Level Music Menu Ctrl + U

Go to Favorites Ctrl + *

Scroll to Current Track in Queue Ctrl + L

Previous Track Ctrl + Left Arrow

Next Track Ctrl + Right Arrow

Decrease Volume Ctrl + - (Hyphen)

Increase Volume Ctrl + +

Select Next Room Group Ctrl + . (Period)

Select Previous Room Group Ctrl + , (Comma)

Play Selected Track Next Shift + Enter

Replace Queue with Selection Ctrl + Shift + Q

Play Selection Later Ctrl + Q

Resize Queue Ctrl + G

Toggle Mini Controller Ctrl + D

Update Music Library Now Ctrl + Shift + I

Display Keyboard Shortcut List Ctrl + K

Jump to Search Box Ctrl + F

Close Active Window Ctrl + W


Sonos Support page:

Downloads | Sonos





Richard, in the U.S.


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