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John Martyn <johnrobertmartyn@...>

When it lands you on the iTunes store, just hit enter.

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My question is iTunes Blind tunes and updating apps. I pressed enter on
update and it took me to the store like usual but I can't see a way to
update the app that needs it. I just installed the program today and
listened to the tutorial and I thought it should grab the update for me,
What am I missing. At this point it is still easier to update on the phone
I think, except I did not want to type in my password which I was not asked
for while trying to find my update.

Rose Combs

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are you using the BlindTunes scripts? If not, I suggest you grab them ASAP.
They're free, they're excellent, and they come with some guides on how to
use them.

Anyway, the process generally goes like this:
1. create new playlist.
2. find things in your library and
3. copy them to the new playlist.
4. make sure the playlist is set to be synched up with your iPod.



At 03:45 PM 3/19/2012, you wrote:
I am using jaws 13 and the latest version of itunes. I am trying to
use jaws on the computer to create a playlist for my ipod using itunes.
Can anyone point me to a resource for this? I have been looking and
haven't found anything.

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