moderated Comment on Microsoft Accessibility

Richard Turner

A couple days ago, I noticed that any message I replied to or forwarded moved way down in my inbox.  I replied to a message on Wednesday morning and wanted to recheck the original message.

Granted, I keep too many emails in my inbox, but I had to arrow down to a message in March before I found the one I replied to just after it.

I did not intentionally change anything about my sort by settings.

I didn’t want to waste time digging through the settings, so I called Microsoft.

In about 2 minutes, he had it fixed and explained that somehow I managed to add sorting options for forwards and replies.  Now it is simply back to sort by date and all is well.

That saved tons of frustrations at the end of a year that was full of it.


Here’s to 2021!





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"Why, what did she tell you?"

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