moderated Re: Please help with WinWord it JAWS?

Chris Hill

Since it doesn't mention jaws, I would start with the obvious, something has gone wrong with your ms-word.  I'd suggest finding it in add/remove programs which you can search for by hitting the windows key and typing add followed by the slash key.  Once there, find your microsoft office, and try to do a repair on it.

On 1/1/2021 09:02, Shirley Tracy wrote:


Hi List,


This morning I opened a Word document and got the message “Office Update”, the same as I got one time last year (a couple weeks ago). The last time it happened, I rebooted and it went away. This time, it did not. I cannot open any Word documents—keep getting error messages telling me the program could not open properly. Is this something with JAWS or with Windows? How to fix?




PS. I’m using Windows 10 and Word 2016. This didn’t happen before the latest update for JAWS and also for Windows. Not sure which is causing problem. Help!


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