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David Griffith

I am a twitter follower rather than a full twitter user but personally I use the TW Blue  Twitter Client on my PC.

This is free but nag ware. You get asked for donations every  time you use it, annoyingly even after you have donated.

I also found a previous version worked better than  the latest version which means that every time I start it I have to confirm I do not want the latest version.

Having said all that once installed and running I find it far far easier to use on my PC than struggling through the website.

The version I use is on my DropBox on





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From: Justin Mcdevitt
Sent: 31 December 2020 15:30
Subject: JAWS and Twitter



I know that Twitter can really be a rabbit hole. However, there are a couple of Twitter feeds that I would like to access/follow: (preferably using JAWS with my PC.

I have identified some of the primary keyboard commands, though what would help me is to speak with a person on the list who uses Twitter with JAWS who could do a brief walk-through of its features and access.

Contact me via email and we can set up a time for discussion/assistance. Your help is appreciated.


Best, Justin  




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