moderated Re: version questions

David Kingsbury



A few things. First, If you have JAWS set to run from the System tray, Insert J will work to bring up the JAWS menu, but Caps Lock J will not. Caps Lock is not perfectly substitutable as a modifier key 100 percent of the time, and this is one example where it is not. Second, however you get into the JAWS menus, once you are in, just hit A for About and the JAWS version will be revealed. And third, Control Insert V works poorly for telling you the version of Office you are in. It says pretty meaningless stuff about 16 something or other, regardless of what version you are using. Better is to hit Alt F D A and your Office version will be spoken clearly. When I did this, it clearly said Office 365. If you have 2016 or 2019, it would clearly say that too.



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