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Bob Kennedy

Sorry if any of this has already been mentioned, I'm chiming in a lot late. Hopefully you chose laptop keyboard when Jaws was installed. If so, you should be able to use the caps lock in place of the insert key. Just choose caps lock and J together. I've never seen a laptop without at least the 4 arrow keys. Arrow up to about and enter.

One other idea that I use is a bluetooth keyboard. The receiver plugs into a USB port and I have a full keyboard. Of course I have very large hands so typing on a laptop doesn't work well for me.
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I don’t have a second insert key. This laptop doesn’t have a numbpad, it doesn’t even have home, end, or page up/down keys.  


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Do you have the 6 pack of keys somewhere on your keyboard with a second Insert key?  If so what happens if you press this Insert key + J?  If nothing happens, there's a setting in the Settings Center default all applications that needs to be turned on to use the second Insert key as a Jaws key.  It's under the Keyboard heading / Jaws Insert key.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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I have my keyboard layout set to laptop, as that's the only way I have an insert key.

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Capslock+ j is not mapped to the JAWS window in the laptop keyboard layout.

It is used for jumping to the prior word on the home row.

Madison, are you using the jAWs laptop or desktop layout?



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