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If you have Jaws running from the system tray and you activate the Jaws shortcut on the desktop you should hear:
JAWS Context Menu
Run From Tray menu
Options sub menu

Then, if you arrow down you should hear:
Utilities sub menu

Language sub menu

Help sub menu



If you are not hearing anything like that, tell us exactly what you hear.

Or, you will likely need to call Freedom Scientific support or Microsoft Accessibility Support. Someone who can log into your system and see what is wrong and help you fix it.

Richard, in the U.S.

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I just tried and it didn't say anything about the Jaws menu.

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I just press Insert+j.

Another thing you can try is this: while on the desktop, press j until you get to your desired JAWS version, then press enter, pretending you want to start JAWS again. Instead of starting JAWS, either the context menu or the main window will come up.

If the context menu comes up, press cursor up twice to get to the "About..." option within the menu, then press enter.

Generally, you can use insert+1 to get into keyboard help mode in JAWS, and Insert+1 again to leave it.

With that in mind, Madison, what happens if you press Insert+1, then press insert+j while in keyboard help mode?

Use speech history to copy what it says by pressing JAWSKey+Space, followed by h. That will open up a speech history window you can navigate through and copy from using control+a, then Control+c to copy its contents.

Also, it would be very helpful if we knew the exact brand and name of the laptop in question.

Maybe you have some weird keyboard functions activated or some sort of multi media key conficuration.



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