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to get the version of a program in a virtual window so you can copy it and paste to where you want, press control+insert+v v. if you don't press v twice quickly, I mean really quickly, it won't work.

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Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 11:48 AM
Subject: version questions
Hey Madison.
A good way to get JAWS version information displayed inn a convenient little
window is to go to the JAWS menu with jaws key + j, and hit up arrow once
(probably, this might be version dependent I suppose, but it's usuallya t
the bottom) to "about". Hit enter and you'll get what you need.

As for outlook, I am not sure quite what it is that you want. You want to
know your outlook version number and then paste it to someone? If you are
getting that info with tge command JAWS commands to display the version
information of an executable, this isn't displayed on screen so you can't
copy and paste it as though it was a line of text placed in an edit field.
It isn't. But if you wanted you could use speech history to retrieve it.
Press insert space, then h, then up arrow til you find the text that you
need, then copy and paste, and press escape.
There are usually more efficient ways to get version info. I seem to
remember outlook having an 'about" screen somewhere, too, but at the moment
I can't find it. Haha

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Subject: version questions

Hi all,
How do I get the exact version of Jaws that I'm running? Also, when I do the
keystroke to get the Outlook version I copy and paste it, but it doesn't
show up in the message, but as attachments, none of which are the actual
version info they just seem to be recent messages, what am I doing wrong?
Thanks Madison


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