moderated Re: Are their any JAWS scripts or tips and tricks to using the Amazon Music desktop app?

David Griffith

I am not sure I can authoritively help as I avoid these subscriptin services but I do notice that if you go into a normal Amazon search as if you were looking to purchase an album or a track, there are options to play the music from within the search results if you have rights to it.

This is certainly true for music available on Amazon Prime.

The few times I have used this it seems reasonably accessible with a straightforward track list and you do not seem to be bombarded with so called suggestions at the top of the page at least.

I have however strictly avoided installing any Amazon apps as I find that they have pretty disgusting accessibility over the years. If you have installed any of these you might have to uninstall to get the same experience as me.

David G.

are not bomaOn 28/12/2020 22:21, Lino Morales wrote:

Well the subject says it all. The player is an inaccessible frowning pile of poo. A lot of unlabeled buttons. I miss playing music off my PC since I left Apple Music. Thanks.

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