moderated Jaws 2021 question/problem

Madison Martin

Hi all,
I upgraded to Jaws 2021 almost 2 weeks ago now and I have a problem that I've
noticed. When I go to my favourites list in Edge, or when I go into contacts in
Outlook, or start a new message in Outlook type a letter and then do ctrl k to
bring up a list of addresses starting with that letter, Jaws will only read a
few items and then stop speaking. When this happens in favourites I have to alt
tab to something else and then alt tab back and then Jaws will start reading
again, but then stops speaking again after reading a few more items. When this
happens in Outlook I have to go to the bottom of the list of addresses starting
with that letter or the end of my contacts and then arrow up and Jaws will read
a few more and then stop speaking again. Now when I upgraded I was asked if I
wanted to import settings or something like that and I said yes, though I don't
recall having any settings set that have anything to do with this. So I'm
wondering, is this an issue with Jaws 2021, or is there some setting or
something that I can change so that Jaws will stop doing this? I'm just glad
that my Braille display works when this happens. Now, I know some of you might
suggest switching to an earlier version of Jaws, but I do these things on a
daily basis, and besides I don't have any earlier versions of Jaws on this
computer as I uninstalled 2018 after I upgraded. Running Jaws 2021, Outlook
2013, the latest Edge and Windows 10 2004. Thanks for any help/suggestions
anyone can provide!!!!!

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