moderated Re: using jaws how do you set up for the first time WIFI on a new computer?

Kevin Minor


Here's the basic steps to get WI-FI going:

Hit WINDOWS+B to get to the SYS Tray.

ARROW until you find something about networks are available, or no connection to network. Since I'm connected, it reports the network I'm connected to. Hit the applications key, or SHIFT+F10 should do it.

Select Open Internet Settings.


You'll now find the networks you can connect to. Locate your network, and press ENTER.

The rest is easy to do. Just follow the prompts.

If you have any questions, send them on.

Kevin, Valerie and Jilly

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Happy Holidays everyone and hope you all have a super, great and safe and prosperous New Year in 2021! In Win10 using jfw 2020, can someone maybe plese tell me how easy it is with jaws to setup your wifi for the first time so I can setup successfully the WIFI on my wife's computer so then my wifes computer will connect successfully to the internet through our already setup router? Any help I can maybe get with this would be so very much appreciated! Much, much thanks in advance for any possible help with this!

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