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Bonnie Vegiard

Great, thanks so much! I think this helped with outlook. Maybe I am saying it wrong for the tool bar. I think I meant the quick access to a bar that is at the upper left of all windows when you are in windows navigation. How do I get there with keystrokes please? Thank you!

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Hi, Bonnie. Try,

1. Open Outlook.
2. Press ALT plus F, followed by T for Options.
3. Press CONTROL plus TAB until you hear Trust Center.
4. Now, TAB until you hear Trust Center Settings, and press ENTER.
5. Arrow up and down until you hear Automatic Download.
6. Now, TAB until you hear something like,

Don’t download pictures automatically in standard HTML e-mail messages or RSS items, check box checked

7. Uncheck this box with Space Bar.
8. TAB to OK, and press ENTER.

Now you should be able to download pictures.

To get to the Quick Action bar, press WINDOWS key plus A, then TAB through the options.

Bill White

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Hi everyone,
I know I should know this, but what are the keystrokes to get to the message and an email about giving permission to download pictures? I use Outlook as part of office 365, and I don’t remember how to quickly give it permission.

Also, a general windows question, can someone remind me of the keystrokes to get to the quick action toolbar?

Thank you, Bonnie

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