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Shirley Tracy

Hi Marvin,


I’m also using Windows 10 and JAWS 2021 latest version. I haven’t had a lot of trouble with the program closing—but it does happen on occasion. I wonder if it’s because I key too fast. Not sure if that’s it, but I’m more conscious of it now. If it doesn’t happen for you with NVDA, then I have to think it must be JAWS. Here’s what I have noticed: sometimes mail closes, but usually it is only JAWS. Often, when everything gets silent, I simply press the hot key for JAWS and it’s back and speaking the mail.


Shirley Tracy


From: Marvin Kotler
Sent: Friday, December 25, 2020 6:22 AM
Subject: windows mail keeps closing


Good evening listers; first, using jaws 2021 and the latest version of windows.  When trying to read messages in windows mail, the program keeps closing.  Had this problem in  earlier versions of windows.  When I use NVDA  which I do not know how to use very well, there is no problem.  Just wondered if anyone else had this problem and wondered if there is a solution.  Merry Christmas to all.



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