moderated Re: OCR with HP office pro 8020

Ann Byrne

Installed HP smart, which is virtually inaccessible. It might have installed additional drivers, thogh. the scanner works with it, but JAWS doesn't see the controls.

At 08:30 AM 12/23/2020, you wrote:
Did you try installing the associated HP software?
That may open it for use by other devices by properly installing a needed
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Subject: OCR with HP office pro 8020

So far I can't get JAWS OCR (or Openbook) to scan with the HP Office
pro 8020 all-in-one printer/scannner. Windows fax and scan works
with it with no problem, but although JAWS lists the scanner as a
source, says it is processing, gives no error message ... the scanner
just sits there doing nothing. Any clue how to make the stinker work?



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