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David Diamond

Partially kidding is the operative word. Huge Grin.   On one talk show they had people call in who played video games when they should have been working.  My step son, lost his job because instead of working he was reading and sending personal emails. Should we be a party to questionable activities?  Grin.   


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Or, is the person wanting to play games while at work and not have anyone notice? Only partially kidding there. 




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Well, as a test I used the screen curtain application with JAWS and yes, if you use the right click on the mouse it does indeed turn the screen curtain off. However, just using the right click on the numpad does not disable the screen curtain function and if turned on, it stays on.  Yes, I did move the mouse around and the curtain stayed on if turned on.  The same is true if you use the application key on the keyboard.  Admittedly I don’t do gaming so never use the mouse.  To me this sounds more like wanting ones cake and eating it too. What’s the use of using JAWS if you can see the mouse cursor well enough to right click on something. I have used the screen curtain function at times but that was to prevent nosy family members from reading what I had on the screen. Generally I just close the lid on my laptop and make sure it is set not to turn off when closing the lid. Pardon my logic.       


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I know this is the JAWS group, but this is a workaround for this issue:  Use NVDA during gaming.

I have not played with the JAWS screen curtain feature in several years, but if it turns back off upon right click and that can't be changed you're stuck.  Under NVDA the screen curtain can be made persistent, and there's even a warning when you do this that you need to remember how to turn it off again to get it out of persistent screen curtain while using NVDA.  Of course, if you exit NVDA to go back to JAWS, I believe the screen curtain function controlled by NVDA is turned off.

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