Moderated Re: Jaws2020 keep asking update

Sharon S

Hi, if anyone wants to stop getting the update messages then if you tab around the box asking you to update there is a check box you can check to ask not to be notified of any updates. I did this myself when I thought I was only going to be using this computer for a couple more weeks then it was to go to my sighted mum. However due to an outlook issue I have been using this machine allot longer then I thought. I probably should go in and do the check for updates and update this Jaws 2020. I have a SMA which gives me access to 2021 but again since I thought I would only be using this laptop for a short time I didn’t see the point of updating Jaws.


Bye for now.

From Shaz.

Canberra, Australia.


From: <> On Behalf Of O.Addison Gethers
Sent: Tuesday, 22 December 2020 11:04 AM
Subject: Jaws2020 keep asking update


Hi All I noticed when I shut down  or restart the computer  jaws update keep asking me if I want to update the jaws ,Is this update will take me to download jaws2021? If so ,I already have jaws2021  but I’m not ready to used jaws2021  and that’s why I want to used jaws2020 !! How can I stop jaws update  in jaws2020 for not asking me to update jaws?


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