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Bergen, Eric <Eric.Bergen@...>

I am using Outlook 2010, but I am sure it would be the same in outlook 2007.
When you hit enter on a message that has weird tables, if you keep listening, Jaws will tell you to hit alt H, then A, then V.
What this does is lets you read the message in your browser.
I find that this does not always work, so what I do is:
Go to the message tab and arrow down until you find Move.
Hit enter, then arrow down and find Actions.
Hit enter and arrow down until you find view in browser.
Hope this helps.

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Afternoon All

Regarding outlook (office 2007), I'm finding that JFW isn't reading emails from Ebay & Paypal where there are tables. Any help you are able to offer in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation


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