moderated Lenovo laptop and function keys

Bonnie Vegiard

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the feedback last week on my new Lenovo laptop and function keys. I was able to get someone to change the operating system so that the function keys are no longer mapped the way they were originally. Now my alt F4 does work, but none of the other function keys seem to work automatically. Can anyone help me with next steps to get the function keys to map to the jaws commands?

I am also not used to the laptop layout. Yesterday when I set up my Outlook 365 account, it wanted a password, and then the laptop told me that the caps lock key was engaged. So I am not sure if the password I typed in wasin caps OR not, but it looks like when I try to put in that password, it is not working no matter what I try. I need to know what I am typing in using the laptop layout, whether it is caps or not. Thanks!


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