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Richard Turner

All updates for the same version number are free. So if you are using 2020 then the December 2020 Jaws update is free. 


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On Dec 19, 2020, at 1:31 PM, CJ &AA MAY <chrisalismay@...> wrote:

 I have the jaws 2020. Is this latest a free update? 

by Alison may
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On 19 Dec 2020, at 8:02 pm, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> wrote:

From Mike B’s email last week:

What's new in this build:

Enhancements in J2020.2012.13.40.


The following is a list of improvements made between the August 2020 release and the December 2020 update.


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list of 15 items
• In the 2020 December Update, we have included a fix that will help users of ZoomText and Fusion in the future when they uninstall that version yet continue
to use later versions. There was a problem in earlier 2020 versions where it was impacting shared components with other versions such as the most recent
release. We encourage anyone who still has the 2020 versions installed, to please update  now even if you are not currently using it.
• Fixed a long-standing issue in File Explorer where JAWS would often not announce the correct number of files in the current folder.
• JAWS now properly reads as expected in Skype when moving focus back to the app without the need to first press ALT and ESC.
• When launching the Skype app included in Windows 10, JAWS now loads the correct settings files.
• While in a Zoom meeting, you can now press CTRL+SHIFT+T to find out who is currently talking. Zoom recently added this option with CTRL+2 but we were
previously using it for a JAWS feature.
• Removed the announcement of Tutor Messages in Microsoft Office Ribbons as they were very verbose when attempting to navigate.
• Resolved an issue when selecting all text (CTRL+A) in  a large Word document. This action would cause JAWS to hang for several seconds.
• Addressed an issue in Word documents where JAWS was not announcing indentation increments when pressing TAB.
• Resolved an issue in Excel where JAWS was not reading the selected item in various combo boxes in the Font dialog box.
• Resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading the Auto  Complete options in the Chrome Address bar.
• Addressed an issue where same page links were not always working as expected in Chrome or Edge Chromium.
• Added five new Japanese voices to the Add/Remove Voices utility, which allows you to sample and download Vocalizer Expressive 2 voices for use with JAWS,
ZoomText, and Fusion.
• Resolved an issue with navigating to the configuration editor in Thunderbird Email when running JAWS or Fusion.
• Addressed reports of JAWS performance issues encountered after accessing the Start menu multiple times.
• Updated braille drivers provided by Papenmeire.
list end

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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