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Chris Hill

Thanks all for the info.  Looks like the Spoonbill version should keep me occupied for a while.

On 12/18/2020 03:07, Richard Turner wrote:

Depending on your level, Spoonbill software has a chess game that can be played against the computer. The link is below. If you have an iPhone, I'd recommend Shredder Chess which has a free lite version, or a paid version.


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On Dec 17, 2020, at 8:43 PM, Chris Hill <hillco@...> wrote:

I'm interested in playing chess against my computer, and this seems like the way to do it, but for two things: first of all, it won't stop speaking the time all the time, and second of all, it is hard to hear the last move made on the first go because of the time, and it doesn't seem to speak all of it when I read it through the jaws menu.
This version is 4.52.

Any ideas?  I'd change programs if that would help.

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