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Justin Williams

You used your printer to do this, or would my pearl scanner be able to do this?










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Subject: Exact Images of Documents or Files, How to Using Windows, Fax and Scan


Hi All,


I had to make copies of my insurance and ID cards and send them to my doctor but, Openbook or Jaws OCR didn't do the job worth a...  So, I used the Window Fax and Scan feature, and it does an excellent job!  I used my Epson V39 Perfection first and it was pretty good but, I then tried our Brother all-in-1 and holy guacamole, what a difference!  So if anyone needs to send an image of something to someone and you want the person to be able to read it I would suggest using this Windows Fax and Scan feature.  Steps are below.


 1. Open Windows, Fax & Scan.  It's available in both Windows 7 & 10.  In Win-7 I found the shortcut in the Start Menu / All Programs and in Win-10 the apps folder.

2. Press, Alt + F, to open the File menu and press enter on, New.

3. Choose, Scan, from the options and press enter.

4. Select the device / scanner you want to use.

5. Tab to, Okay, press the spacebar then, press enter on, Scan.

6. Open the File menu and choose, Save as, name the file and it'll be saved to the, Scanned Documents, subfolderof your Documents folder.



Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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