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Brian Zolo

There isn't a new update for jaws 2021. The update that was mentioned was for jaws 2020. You can hit insert plus j and then arrow down to help then press enter and then arrow down to check for updates and then press enter. Jaws will check for updates and if there's an update it will tell you the new version and you'll then hit space bar on the checkbox and then tab over to the install button and then hit the spacebar. You can also go to settings center and there's a setting that you can set so that if there are new updates available jaws will tell you that there are updates available when you first boot up your machine. I need to do some checking so that I can add international calls to my cell phone plan and to our home phone plan with spectrum our internet service provider and then I'll be happy to call you and I can set up a tandem session with jaws and help you out, grin! I help a good friend of mine who I went to school with at the Ohio state school for the blind and who now lives out in Sacramento, California. This is something I love doing as it's a passion that the Lord has given me to help people with computer issues that they need resolved. I'll send you an e-mail message with instructions on how to set the option in settings center so that you will be notified when updates are available but if you're not comfortable with doing the instructions yourself, I'll be happy to assist just give me a day to check on international calling options and get them set up and then we'll be ready to fly, grin! Have a great day! bZ1

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How do I check for updates? I just upgraded to 2021

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Subject: Downloading JAWS update

Hi. For some reason JAWS 2021 update won't download using check for updates. If I downloaded it manually it won't effect my home anual licence? Thanks

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