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Hi all,

I have been having an issue with JAWS 2020 (as well as 2018 and 2021) and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC when completing fillable forms.

Example of structure of document

Heading 1
Paragraph of text
Edit Field
Paragraph of text
List of ten items
Check Box

If I up and down arrow through the .pdf I can read all content with no issue.  Down arrow to the bottom, up arrow to the top with no issue. I can type in the edit field, then leave form modes and down arrow to read the paragraph of text, the list of ten items, and the checkbox label/form field.  If I interact with the checkbox at all, my focus gets hung up on the check box where it constantly announces the checkbox name despite having used my up and down arrow to leave that field. I can go to the desktop and then back to Adobe and it reads perfectly until I interact with the checkbox once again.  NVDA has no issue and neither does Fusion oddly enough.  This issue occurs on my work and personal pc when using JAWS 2020 (2018 and 2021).  If I use other reading commands like word by word I have no issue.  It seems to be line by line reading after interacting with the checkboxes.

Has anyone had this type of focus issue before?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Justin Laffey

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