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James Benstead

Thank you, Paul! I had figured some of this out, but (as ever) I had forgotten about the existence of the Applications Key and had been switching to the JAWS cursor in order to right click. Your approach is much more straightforward.


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If you have the chrome extension installed: go to the web site you want last pass to find the log in details for, then just press the applications key on your keyboard, if you arrow up you should see a last pass option,  this has a submenu, in here you will find an option called auto fill and you can then select the stored log in details for that site.  Hope this helps


Paul Lemm

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Subject: Does the LastPass Chrome extension work with JAWS


I'm trying to get the LastPass password manager Chrome extension to work with JAWS. To access the extension without JAWS, a user clicks on it and is then shown a list of passwords for whatever site they are on. However, the Virtual PC cursor doesn't see the button LastPass adds to websites and it doesn't even seem possible to access it with the JAWS cursor.


Is there anyone on the list who has successfully used LastPass with JAWS? I'm wondering if I can tweak how it's set up so that it's more accessible.







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