moderated Help Please, I cannot enter text on attempts to create email distribution on Mailchimp or in a blog in WordPress

Sharon Ballantyne

I am trying to set up communication so people have independence to subscribe and unsubscribe . I have set up a mailchimp free account and when I try to create a new campaign using the email template that I created, no matter what I do, I cannot access the edit field to input text.

I tried using different cursors andusually when you would hit enter on a website to get JAWS to work in the editing field, if I hit enter it moves focus somewhere completely different on the page. while  It is in drafts.


I decided to try word press and set up the website and it is now ready with a first blog prompt getting started, but it also is not letting me input any text.


I am using JAWS 2021 and Windows 10. I am a Microsoft 365 user.


Thank-you for  direction. I am not very techy so simple steps will be greatly appreciated if anyone has advice!

If there are any bloggers using word press or folks using Mailchimp with Jaws please contact me offlist. sharon.ballantyne@... with any tips and tricks!


Respectfully yours

Sharon Ballantyne

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