moderated Re: jaws controls when not in systray?

Dave Durber

Press ALT+TAB, until JAWS announces the JAWS window, then, release both keys.
Press ALT+F, to open the JAWS Context Menu.
JAWS will say, "Options Submenu". Press RIGHT ARROW, to open it.
JAWS will say, "Basics...". Press ENTER, to open the dialog box.
Tap the TAB key 5 times or, until JAWS says, "Run JAWS from System Tray". If JAWS tells you THE check box is unchecked, tap the SPACE BAR, to check it. Tap the TAB key to the OK button, and either press the SPACE BAR or, ENTER KEY OR, use the Windows shortcut keystroke, ALT+O, to close the dialog BOX. You should go back to the JAWS window.
PressINSERT+F4, and confirm you want to exit JAWS, that is, if you have this option set in the default JAWS settings centre file.
Restart JAWS. JAWS will now start from the System Tray.

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Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2020 10:23 PM
Subject: jaws controls when not in systray?

Listers: Help! I decided to not run Jaws in the systray to see if some problems would go away. Now I do have j 2021 running but no control over it. I could not put jaws back in systray if I wanted to.


Now there is the Jaws symbol in the task bar but clicking on it gives me nothing except an announcement “Jaws Home Use”. Task switching announces Jaws but nothing is there to work with.


What am I missing here?




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