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JM Casey

Yeah, seems worth a shot. If it works, then there’s probably some configuration option in eset that can be changed to let these things through.


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Hi JM,


They're running Eset as their antivirus and I didn't try disabling it but, I'll let her know and or, I'll disable it the next time I get on her computer to see if this is the culprit.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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The http: part is always assumed. In fact your browser cannot be invoked without it. Because www. Is such a common prefix for web domains, though, if you enter in something like into the run box, it *will* work – I am not sure but I guess the http:// is automatically invoked by Windows. However, typing in something like will not work. Windows has no way of telling that it’s supposed to be a URL.


As to the problem this person is having – it’s just a thought, but do they have any third party security software running? Perhaps try temporarily disabling it. Maybe it is preventing file explorer (which controls the run dialogue box) from invoking a browser.





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If it was saying something like file not found, be sure they used http:// and if it is a secure site, https:// and as Glen said, some sites don’t use the www. Just the http:// or https:// part.






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Hi All,


I ran into a strange problem on a friend's Windows 7 Home computer.  When you type a URL into the Run Dialogue nothing happens!  I checked to make sure a browser was selected as the default and that all program associations were selected but, still nothing happens when you press enter on a URL from the Run Dialogue.


You can type, Notepad, or other commands into the Run Dialogue and you'll go straight to them but, for whatever reason URL's don't work, so to speak.  Can anyone shed some light on how to fix this issue?  All help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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