moderated Re: Problem with jaws.

Chris Hill

I'm running the latest version of windows 10, and things are fine on one computer, but not on the other.  Weird!


On 12/11/2020 17:27, Marie wrote:
Are you running Win 10 version 20 2H? This morning my laptop and Surface Pro both updated to the new OS and they both have the intermittent issue you are having. Guess it is time to give Jaws or Microsoft some feedback. Of course, I do not know which one is causing the behavior.

-----Original Message----- From: Chris Hill
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2020 2:40 PM
Subject: Problem with jaws.

I have jaws set to speak at the logon screen, and to start speaking
after I log in.  The problem I'm having is that once it starts up again,
insert-j does nothing.  If I quit jaws and restart, it works fine.  I
tried a repair, and that didn't change anything.  It looked so promising
on first boot, but I rebooted again, and it was back to problems. I'm

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