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Chris Hill

No, I'm using the old sma method.  I have had this going on for a while, but I never thought to look around and find out if it is in the sys-tray when it happens.

On 12/11/2020 18:17, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Chris. Are you, by chance, using the new $90 per subscription to JAWS instead of using a 2-year SMA? If so, this is part of the problem. The new licensing scheme is causing problems for JAWS users. Try quitting JAWS with JAWS key plus F4, then restart JAWS using the shortcut on the desktop, or,

Press Windows key plus R for the run dialog.

At this dialog, type in the JAWS version you are running, E.G.


This is a problem that will afflict you each time you start the computer.

I hope this helps you.

Bill White

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I have jaws set to speak at the logon screen, and to start speaking
after I log in. The problem I'm having is that once it starts up again,
insert-j does nothing. If I quit jaws and restart, it works fine. I
tried a repair, and that didn't change anything. It looked so promising
on first boot, but I rebooted again, and it was back to problems. I'm

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