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Use Ctrl+Shift+O to bring up a list of your objects. Enter on one. Without
moving the cursor, press the Applications key and look for a "bring to
front" choice and press Enter.

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I write a newsletter that is distributed as a PDF file to the Minnesota
library community. The articles are brief and usually have a thumb-size
photograph or logo and occasionally a one-third page photograph. I insert
alternative text with each graphic. However, JAWS reads the text but skips
the graphics. When I run the 2010 Word, I receive the notice, "Objects not

Is there a way to format the page so that when Jaws encounters a graphic, it
reads the alternative text and then proceeds to the next line? I thought of
placing everything in tables but this creates problems with the text spacing
when the text goes from a portion of the page width to full width.

I've attached Word and PDF versions of the most recent newsletter.

Thank you.

Bruce Pomerantz, Library Development Specialist
State Library Services - D29
Minnesota Department of Education
1500 Highway 36 W.
Roseville, MN 55113

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